Who is Tucson Free Pantry for? TFP is for the community: those who are in need or want to give. Whether stocking or taking stock, everyone approaches the TFP the same way, mediating the shame that accompanies need.

How does TFP differ from other food pantries? The TFP is small. Food pantries require applications and have set hours of operation. Anyone may access the TFP at any time,  filling gaps in service due to paperwork, set service hours or shame.

How is the TFP stocked? Members of the community who wish to contribute may do so at their discretion. However, our organization ensures the TFP is maintained. Volunteers check on and refill it as needed.

What is stocked? Bottled drinks, canned, boxed or jarred foods, personal care items, school supplies and other non-perishables, and when available, food from local community gardens that would normally go to waste.

Encouraged donations: Cereal, granola bars, beans, rice, pasta, nuts, dried fruit, crayons, markers, journals, pencils, note books, pens, binder paper, toilet paper, paper towels, tissue, personal hygiene items, soap, toothbrushes, diapers, soups, beans, vegetables, sauces, water and juice, grocery bags to help people transport items

Discouraged donations: Sharp items such as shaving razors or kitchen knives and highly perishable items such as meat, eggs or dairy

What if someone gets sick? The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act protects donors and non-profit distributors of food donations. Irregular stocking discourages loitering and abuse.